Diary Entry #May2022

These days, I am calmer, not so anxious anymore. I feel that the meditation app is really helpful, even for just using it around 15 minutes everyday. I am drinking ginger tea less as my heart is not always gassy anymore. Last time, when I was anxious, I easily felt gassy. I hardly take naps... Continue Reading →

Just tired

I felt a bit light-headed a few days back. I usually work out for 30 mins every morning before resuming my PhD work except days when I goes shopping with mum in the morning market. Such is the blessing if you're a full-time PhD student with flexible work hours! But, these few days, it has... Continue Reading →


忽远忽近, 似真似假 实现闭幕, 梦想虚幻 成功失败, 希望遥远 双管齐下, 一脚行舟 黑白分合, 美丑横歪 崭新出发, 胜战归来 爱恨情仇, 瞬间永远 呼吸灭亡, 仁慈冷血 是苦是乐, 唯心晓得 人间天堂, 局外掌控 放下劳苦, 一目了然 Downloaded from https://www.azquotes.com/picture-quotes/

Reminders for myself that worth sharing

Lately, I am in love with this app called Motivational Quotes. It sends me some booster doses of motivation everyday that serve as good reminders for myself which I think worth sharing with you all. I am not going to quote them verbatim but just to give you an overall picture of my thought processes... Continue Reading →

Hold the in-betweens

With the cases of COVID-19 soaring high, suffering is constantly in our perception . It's heartbreaking. I do not want to be a cheerleader spreading toxic positivity nor a hope-stashing pessimistic painting you a bleak outlook. So are you. Let's just hold the in-betweens, like what's written in this poem. I am afraid of failures,... Continue Reading →

Yes or no, no “maybe”

You must own your decisions for the only life you have. Decisions are not just about what to do but also what to be. We should spend more time on "being", instead of "doing". To be more specific, we should be "being" in the daily "doing". You get to choose how to spend every moment.... Continue Reading →

Alone, yet not lonely

After one month of staying home, of not going anywhere, my mind is quiet enough for me in reaching out to my own voice. When we are around many people, many individuals or many voices, we can mistaken others' voices as our own! Voices are here and there, this and that. They go like this:... Continue Reading →

2022 for ourselves

2022 is a hopeful year for many. With the vaccination rollouts in many countries as a shared effort, the cases have dropped incredibly. There are still countries who are struggling. In my home country, things feel more and more normal. However, there are countless people who are trying to pick things up after a massive... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #Dec2021

This month, I feel like I am standing on the highest end of the mountain, feeling the cooling breeze on my face while holding the flag of victory planted there with just my one hand. At the same time, I am looking far from the perch towards an even higher, multiterrain mountain in my sight.... Continue Reading →

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