Diary Entry #Oct2021

It's okay to be sad sometimes. Remember to see a mental health professional when the sadness is getting out of hand and spilling over your life, simmering your psyche boiling to explosion. It is more mentally efficient in the long term when you allow yourself time to sit with your sadness and let it talk... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #Sep2021

Updates: My menstrual period came on the day I had the second Pfizer dose after being late for at least two months. Pfizer sounds like a blessing!I went to the GP after many days of discomfort with skin itchiness. He clarified that it was not ring worm but skin allergy. After undergoing home treatment based... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #Aug2021

Covid-19 is getting fiercer and fiercer, grabbing lives beyond human control. My life at home feels like a mini wonderland, brushing away my memories of how life was when there wasn't any movement control order in place. Looking out of the window at the falling raindrops, my heart feels an elusive sense of calm, which... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #Jul2021

Stress has brought me here writing my next diary entry. Obviously, thesis submission for examination in the following month is impossible. A lot of work to be done, apparently. Literature review is lacking in the linguistic elements. I attribute this to my slanted way of seeing things in PhD. Maybe, it is because I am... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #June2021

I feel kinda stressed here. The good thing is that this is a good kind of stress. Life without stress is something to be worried about. No stress, no growth. I am indeed blessed to have my supervisor who is definitely a godsend. After getting some mental push from her, I am working at a... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #May2021

These days, my heart has found its own space for calm. Most of the times, something that you have been grappling with can be easily resolved within minutes by just writing an email or sending a text message. My heart has found its very own comfort after me straightening things out with my supervisor in... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #April2021

The biggest change for this month is the most recent progress in my thesis writing project. Clumsily yet diligently, I have come to witness another ray of pride emerging from the milestone of settling my Candidature Defence. The next and the next and the next will be my academic publications, seminar presentation and submission for... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #Mar2021

Last Wednesday was Mum's birthday. It was a special day so I miraculously went out to scout around for dinner foods. After three stops, I managed to bring back many kinds of birthday treats. Something ordinary but good enough to satisfy the taste buds and fill the tummy. Since it has not been a deeply... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry #Feb2021

My heart beamed and loosened in relief when my supervisor said that we can start working with the outlook of settling my Candidature Defense in the coming month of March. I started working diligently for a number of days, literally spending my Chinese New Year almost just for research writing. The hard work did pay... Continue Reading →

Life put together in words

1) Gone are the days when I felt anxious twitches in my heart before each virtual class with the necessary evil of switching on my laptop at least roughly one hour earlier to keep technical complicacies at bay. I would like to say thanks to the professional computer technician who has got my computer upgraded... Continue Reading →

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